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Spencer Novich is an Actor, Writer and Director. He studied at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts in the Experimental Theater Wing and the International Theater Workshop - Amsterdam.

Most recently he appeared as a Guest Star on American Horror Story: Double Feature (S10E04) and was also a recurring Co Star on the same season (S10E01E05). On stage he has performed for Cirque du Soleil's KA (MGM Grand Las Vegas - over 1000 performances), Spiegelworld's Vegas Nocturne (Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas), Strut N Fret's Blanc de Blanc (Sydney Opera House, London's Hippodrome) among others. He competed in the 33rd Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain where he was awarded a Bronze Medal, the Moulin Rouge Prize, and the Cirque Eloize Prize.


As a Comedy Director he has worked for Palazzo (Berlin 19'/20', Amsterdam 18'/19'), Strut N Fret's Blanc de Blanc (Sahara Las Vegas) and Blanc de Blanc Encore (Sydney Opera House). He was Comedy Writer for P&O Cruise Lines production of Love Riot aboard the Pacific Explorer, as well as Strut N Fret's FUNHOUSE (Dreamworld, Brisbane Festival). He acted as an Artistic Associate for Strut N Fret's LIFE the Show (Sydney Festival, Brisbane Festival) and Deluxe Deluxe (Home of the Arts Gold Coast). He has worked as a creative/comedy consultant for Showtime at the Pink Flamingo (Atlantis Resorts Bahamas), Palazzo (Vienna 17'/18'), Hideaway Circus's Slumber (Adelaide Fringe) among others.

He has taken clown workshops and masterclasses with Bill Irwin, David Shiner, Stefan Haves, Chris Bayes, Sophie Amieva, Jim Calder, Orlando Pabotoy, and Jef Johnson. Recently he completed Chris Bayes' Teacher Training Program at the Funny School of Good Acting.


Spencer Novich’s wiry body contortions were both amazing and grotesque, like a train wreck you can’t seem to look away from. In fact, the unassuming ring-master’s sidekick really pulled the show together...

                           - Aussie Theatre

And each [show] is stuffed with brazen and exceptional

performances. Novich and Hagan show off their

supernatural physical comedy skills in a bit with

a pantomimed baby that puts the entire audience

into hysterics punctuated by the occasional, “Oh my god.” 

                                                                             -Las Vegas Weekly

Spencer Novich provides the comedic relief and is the stand-out performer: genuinely funny in a dark and twisted way, and surprisingly original.

                       -The Daily Review AU

But the star of the show is undoubtedly Spencer Novich...

Even crouched on the corner of the stage, or standing in dim light he manages to draw attention in the most lovely way. His comedic timing is spot on and his bendy, twisty, face and body is a delight

               -Brisbane Times

The highlight is the clowning from Spencer Novich,

who might be what happens if Heath Ledger’s Joker

and Robin Williams had a love child.

                                                     -The Australian

Clown Spencer Novich is genuinely, outrageously funny,

a quality rather rarer in circus than one would wish.

                                                                      -ABC Arts Australia

Comedy genius Spencer Novich brings a

refreshing sense of wit and humor to the

performance through his mime and extraordinary

contortion numbers, which will have you gasping with disbelief.

                                                                              -West End Wilma

In a shock turn of events, it’s the clown who steals the show. Rubber-limbed Spencer Novich, who looks as if he's wandered in from The Rocky Horror Picture Show, starts out playing the virgin in the brothel. But when he struts his stuff, it is simply mind-blowing. His scratch edit comedy dance mime fizzes like a firecracker, packing more into three minutes than some shows manage in two hours. My cork was well and truly popped.

                                                                                  -Metro Co UK

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